Biggest and absolute best bug ever

Behold! I’ve stumbled upon the 8th wonder of the world…

Please tell me how to fix this! I need your help! This is the worst bug I’ve ever experienced.


Ya, whenever I’ve been playing a character who was stuck in “jedi/matrix levitating-jump-kick-freezeframe-chargeup-mode”, I would get rid of it by jumping at a wall and grabbing it to start climbing.

Never seen the, uh, “additional” display bug associated with the animation glitch here that the video uncovers though. That guy was laughing so hard he couldn’t breathe. :wink::laughing:

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This cheered me up, funny AF.

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Yeah, that’s me in the video. I literally had tears in my eyes afterwards…along with the guy who was watching me via shareplay. Worst bug ever!


that made me larf!

It is sad but I would be trying to reproduce that bug all the time!

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How is that not a meme yet, lmao

I couldn’t stop laughing.

LMAO! Exploit - “User banned for Unauthorized Character Augmentation!”

That was funny - thanks for capturing on video!

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Omg I almost die of laughter, I did even worry if they kept getting bigger I couldnt keep breathing XDD

That is one of the most contagious laughs I’ve ever heard. It’s making me smile and laugh like crazy over here.


Have you exile call mine!

I lost it, crying from laughter could barely breathe, thank you for this incredible post

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OMG. It stuck in my brain. Please add a warning in title.

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Holy crap! What in the world is that? :joy::joy::joy:

THAT was hilarious. I think there’s a cream for that… ask your pharmacist lol.

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LOL! Just WOW… what a bug.

I’m happy to help!

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Too funny not to share…With your permission, I posted to the Conan Exiles Community on Google+ :smiley:

That is some really bad swelling. Have you seen a doctor about it?

Holy crap that made me start to cry from laughter, that was amazing haha!