Bit offtopic but also fitting non-rant on the KULT rpg

I recently learned that Funcom’s Heroic Signatures licence package also includes KULT, which is a pen and paper roleplaying system with roots in pretty hardcore neon light horror themes. “Reality is a lie” is a punchline from the game’s cover. Think “Hellraiser”, think “Matrix” mixed with occult themes.
I’m a roleplayer for about 25 years now and came across lots of horror settings, including Call of Cthulhu and World of Darkness among others, but KULT was always standing out and I would choose it above any others. It’s unbidding, it destabalizes reality, it’s non-romantic “what the hell is going on?!?” face-falls-off horror. Subtle sometimes, absolutely insanity inducing, bleak horror straight to the face terror on other occasions.

Long story short: KULT is an absolutely awesome and pretty challenging setting, not quite as playful as Secret World’s setting (though I also love that very much), and I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to see video games based in it.

(did I make it? It’s not a rant, right?) :smiley:

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I am entirely with you here. Kult is very good. It would be a very good idea to transpose a lot of TSW/SWL systems in a Kult IP world on an Unreal Engine for example. That could be the pinnacle of modern horror mmo and something appealing to a lot of people if impelemented correctly.

Give it a bit before adapting things for PC. They kickstarted a new edition but it will apparently still be a bit before it can hit store shelves. Apparently they have to have to properly censor things for the free US market.

Always remember, kids: guns are good, nipples are evil. :roll_eyes:


Well, now I’m confused…


I rather see a game like “The Park” for that setting, or, even better, survival horror like Silent Hill, which already has a lot of similarities to KULT. Just that KULT is older than Silent Hill. :smiley:

Idk, cause for me it triggers memories of table top rpg, so i have difficulties putting it in the perspective of a single player game…

Yeah. I can totally understand that. Pen and Paper KULT is always a very subtle and personal horror thing for me. A video game would be bound to pick up the more to-the-face aspects of the setting perhaps, but when I think of the ONE city and the Labyrinth, I sure have some ideas how that might work out.