Arcane's Redfall

It’s a 4 player co-op game similar to L4D, and what made me give it minimal attention was the visuals.

Somehow it seems very similar to TSW. Maybe it’s the modern times small seaside city setting. Maybe the colour scheme.
But, like, you got vampire-(and vampire cultists)-infested Kingsmouth, complete with Black Sun and beached ships in the harbour. And these vampires move like TSW ghosts, swimming through the air.


I can see that

Some superficial similarities. Wonder why L4D derivatives are popping up again. They were quiet for a few years while the asymmetric PvP games like DbD took over, but now I’m seeing them again.

Secret World subtly shifted the shape of my brain, so I end up seeing it in things rather often. Don’t ask me about Yu-Gi-Oh! and Akehenaten…I’m not done with my dissertation yet.

But in this case, yeah, the echo feels fairly strong–beside the magically-isolated seaside city, there’s also some World-Tree-type symbolism, Jungian philosophy shenanigans, and the butterfly(/moth?) imagery that the cult has which literally made me shout NO real loud, then mutter “makin’ mother****in’ butterfies” when I first watched this new trailer. It turned my Secret-World-research-brain on, and while combing through the trailer for clues, I ended up spotting “Aevum Theraputics” on the side of a shipping crate and on a blood drive poster. I had some fun with the environmental storytelling in Dishonored, so I’m excited to see it again with Redfall.