Secret World Genre Films


There’s a wealth of Secret World related films out there, old classics as well as new releases.
Post your new findings, old discoveries and favourites. Share, consolidate, discuss.

Novels in the style of TSW ? / [FR] Des romans ressemblant à TSW?

I may think of more later, but right now the one title that looms large in my mind is John Carpenter’s In the Mouth of Madness. Genuinely unsettling and very befitting the Solomon Island ambience.

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stranger things on netflix riminds me an awful lot like the leauge of monster slayers


The remake of The Thing fits well too (we even got stuff from it!), and is a nice connection to In the Mouth of Madness.

There are a ton of options, but one worth checking out is the miniseries Residue. Starts off with an explosion in a nightclub, then a government quarantine, and strange events around the blast zone. Three episodes long, so more like an extended film than tv show.


Great start to the thread.
Also available on Netflix The Ritual 2017, fits into the horror category - in the vein of Blair Witch, but has a surprising similarity regarding a less popularised entity of the Secret World.

Keep 'em coming.


There are the old radio horror shows like Quiet Please and Suspense which you can listen to for free as they’re old enough. They’re damn good too, classics with people like Orson Wells that led onto things like Twilight Zone episodes. For those of you who aren’t TSW veterans, some of these radio shows will show up in a future Samhain when they re-add the content.

Edit: Don’t know why but I totally forgot to actually mention the films staring in my face. The early classic Universal Monsters films and early Twilight Films you can find on internet archives also. I’d also say look for the Lovecraft adaption From Beyond (it was on Netflix a while back) from the 80s, it is hilarious. I mean terrifying, totally terrifying.


Mothman Prophecies from 2002, based on a 1975 book, which in turn is based on the Silver Bridge at Point Pleasant, WV collapsing. I was so excited when i found this referenced in the game.

Reference and Mothmans place in SWL: Lore: 1712 Fire, Solomon Island. The Mothman is how normal people precieved the Buzzing, when the buzzing tried to warn them about the collapsing bridge

This has been one of my fav horror movies for quite some years now.


The John Carpenter remake of “The Thing” is even more TSW-dy, but for different reasons. Watch the scene where the trapped alien starts as a dog and morphs into one of the ice station people, his head drops off and it sprouts eye stalks and walks away as a spider-thing.

The effects are a bit cheesy by today’s standards but the visceral impact will still hit you in the privates.


Dagon is another highly entertaining Lovecraftian film.

The Mist, obviously.


‘The Fog’ is probably even more direct than The Mist… creep stuff from back in the day. And if you go far enough back I think Savage Coast had to be the setting for The Creature from the Black Lagoon … although that is so far back I can scarce remember it. Then there was a weird horror from the 70’s (I think?) called Gargoyles that (sans Bees) probably fits the ‘monsters in our midst’ parts of The Secret World.

Edit: my nephew doesn’t play SWL (yet) but he mentioned this one:


The John Wick movies nail the hiding-in-plain-sight secret society thing. After I saw them, I felt like it was the closest any movies had come to feeling like TSW.


The Stuff! It’s basically The Filth.


I like to think of it the other way around actually. It’s films Secret World relates to.
Since there is so much (and more) Lovecraft in it, I’d say any movie inspired or featuring a Lovecraft story is a natural fit.

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And few TV series worth of mentioning


I’m surprised I haven’t noticed an Agent mission relating to this one:

Also, although it’s a spacey-sci-fi, it’s near-future, and could almost relate to a future Moon/Orochi story arc:


The T.V. show I-Zombie has taken a decided turn for the Kaiden as of Season 4.

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Picnic at Hanging Rock


Try “The Void” on Netflix


Not exactly ‘films’ but for the conspiracy/everything is true vibe you have the X-files, for the mysterious corporations funding crazy human weapons you have Dark Angel, and for the black humor/horror mix (and all the drama of chat!) of course you have the Buffyverse.

No idea where you would catch those these day, probably Netflix or something.