Emergence looks a lot like SWL

I haven’t seen the whole show yet, but this reminded me a lot of SWL and Kingsmouth. What do you think? Any other shows/movies that make you think of SWL?

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I fail to see any connection between Emergence and TSW. Where is the horrific world of Lovecraft?

To this day, there is no TV show that makes me think of TSW. Probably the closest are Haven for the Kingsmouth part, Stranger Things for its visual effects, and American Gods. So a good TSW show will be a mix of them, with a bit of Heroes, the depth of True Detective S1 or Mindhunter, and more Lovecraft things.

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I can see the connection - local community beset by weirdness beyond their ken.

It would be a good addition to this thread:


Couldn’t view your video, I got
UK viewers must be persona non grata, not sure I blame them :slight_smile:

Looked on youtube at the trailer and I can see exactly what you mean in terms of setting, though. Has a pre-zombie Kingsmouth vibe.

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Yeah, I get the weirdness feeling of something supernatural going on. Not quite Secret World levels of stuff.

Now I have a new TV show to watch.


It’s not just UK, I couldn’t open it either. And as far as I can tell Kingsmouth before draug and zombie had tons of cultists, and look and these pretty massgraves. Trailer doesn’t look anything like this, at best it can give some vague Emma and other girls with powers vibes. I may watch it but not for SWL feel.

I can see the KM look in the houses, and setting, they pretty much all look like that in Maine and New England don’t they?

I don’t watch TV so i won’t be watching it. I’ve never had a TV for a number of years.

You know TV is not only way to watch series. Just saying.

Then i’ll re-phrase.
I don’t watch anything that is made for a broadcast, Unless it’s a music video on YouTube.
I find it all makes people dumb.

I watched it on Hulu, but it looks like you can watch it free on ABC too. Not sure how long it will be free.

i wotch tv al teh tiem n it haznt effected me