TSW concept art


Randomly found this page while searching for a specific monster from the game.

I’ve never seen a couple of these things in-game, either TSW or SWL.

Notice the guy in the yellow suit with the orange hat who gets filthed. It’s labeled as “Congo Filth Human”. Also notice the date is 2014. Oh, how far this game has fallen.


Dont similar looking guys, without the tentacles, walk around in ash forest in BM?


Those guys have miner’s hardhats and blue/grey overalls on.


Yeah never saw anything that looked like that bathtub suicide scene, or that filth crawling ceiling background!

For a moment I was like, wait, April Ryan, Zoe Castillo, I’ve heard those names before. Are they agents? NPCs?

Then it hit me:


About the bathtub suicide scene, it was for an Halloween event (in TSW)

For the Filth crawling ceiling it is/was for a quest in Kaidan sewers (It could be “The Right Round” given by Kurt)


@Baldaena is correct on both counts. Is The Right Round still in the game or was the sewers rolled into the story mission? I honestly can’t remember now. I know Tower Defense was removed entirely and the sewer mission was gutted to a shadow of it’s former self because AEGIS was integral to both missions. Anyhow, that filth-ceiling is from the final room in the sewers. The bathtub is from The Park tie-in missions during a Halloween event which may or may not ever come to SWL. The only things completely new to me from that collection of concept art is the goofey clown spider, the Congo Worker, and the TLJ inspired clothing.


The tsw AEGIS concept art does look intriguing.
Also, I hadn’t seen some of those flamethrower designs, which are cool.
Or, the ‘Deep Spider’ pic either.


It’s a shame that we never got the Dreamfall clothing sets. I would have happily bought multiples.


some of those are so awesome! I hope we’ll see the ones we haven’t yet seen ingame :smiley:


Every one of the flamethrower pieces was an actual skin from TSW, except for the Third Age skin which none ever made it into the game, but was present in the game files and people have pulled the model out before and showed it off along with all of the other Third Age weapon skins. The AEGIS shield stuff was neat, but I’m glad they went the way they did with them and made it invisible 99.9% of the time.


Wasn’t there also concept art for a new aux? It was some sort of mirror?

I remember pictures of it floating around Twitter ages ago, but nothing ever came of it obviously.

EDIT: Found it. https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CHpjNaYUsAEKFS3.jpg:large


The mirror was supposed to be Tank-focused. Shields and reflects and such things. Very sad it never happened.