Lovecraft Country - could be interesting!

Like the title said, this could be interesting, depending on how much Lovecraft stuff they manage to work in!

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Could be interesting indeed. I will keep an eye on it.

Being HBO, i guess it’ll be a series? :thinking:

I’ve been watching it on “Now TV” in the UK. It’s good, and kind of Secret World-ish. Little blunt at times, but worth a view.

Edit - Apologies for the use of the dark art of Necromancy. Blame it on Lockdown…

Yeah, I’ve been watching it on Sky Atlantic in the UK too. It’s certainly not ignoring the negatives of the era that it’s set in, (Chicago in the 1950s,) but it’s still managing to work in a lot of supernatural stuff too. So far, I’m enjoying it :smiley:


Hadad and I have been loving it. Definitely an eye-popper. And I echo what @AWOL said. It certainly does not ignore the time and space of its era. Sometimes it’s hard to choose who the bigger monsters are.