Are the stars right? Mythos discussion

Spoiler alert.

So, just played through the Sunken City, and I was VERY VERY VERY excited to hear a reference to that Octopus headed big baddy we all know and love (some of us know and love?)

Conan Exiles has lots of Lovecraft reference in it, a wonderful testament to the Mythos, and to Robert E Howerd and HP Lovecraft’s friendship.

We already have the Shining Trapozohedron, Dagon, and I saw an NPC called the Emissary of Tsathoggua the other day.

Do you think we are going to get more? And WHAT would you love to see?

Me personally? Mi-Go. Would LOVE to go harvest some Mi-Go mines. I mean the giant locusts kinda almost look like them.

Even the serpent scepter itself (and not only) refers to Valusia in its blabbering, but I’m not sure I would like to have the “ancient ones” storyline fully (Or partially) inducted in the game. Dagon maybe is already too much.
Lovecraft submerges his stories in madness and “obscene” visions, and basically are “horror stories”, CE is not an horror game (unless we speak about some technical flaws :P) and adding more Lovecraftian amenities would not be… right?

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Howard and Lovecraft intermeshed their universes by using stuff the other created. So it is not really wrong to have Lovecraftian Stuff in Conan Exiles. It should just come in small(!) doses :wink:

The star(walker)s are right. “Lovecraftian” mythology is part of the Hyborian Age lore, but the focus should be on barbarian fantasy with just a touch of otherworldly horror. It doesn’t matter how many of “Lovecraftian” mythological beings and stuff are added into the game, as long as they don’t steal the limelight from crushing your enemies, seeing them driven before you and hearing the lamentation of their women.

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“quotes” from the mythology are welcome, but as Kapoteeni said the game is a barbaric world based on surviving slashing domination over the others, Lovercraft’s opera would need a really really different mood.

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