The Secret World TV series

I was wondering if there was any news to share on this series. “Johnny Depp’s Infinitum Nihil has partnered with G4C Innovation’s Gudrun Giddings to produce The Secret World, a television series based on the globally successful MMO game The Secret World and its recently released reboot Secret World Legends.”

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It’s too soon, I think.

I’ve seen speculation that it will revolve around the Tokyo Response Team, though.


“Globally successful The Secret World”. We should have known this was a hint on how trustworthy the new was. were.


TV shows usually take a year or so (oversimplifying things, do i) so i wouldn’t expect anything for a bit.

marketing starting at Comic c-on (why is that word censored?) or such with it premiering in the winter season would be my guess if everything goes smoothly.

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All secrets will come soon (season 2 + serie) :wink:

While I’m hopeful that something comes from this, keep in mind, lots of shows get treatments, scripts, even filmed and never get any further. Hollywood is a cruel place.

But, how long does it take? Here’s the Game of Thrones timeline.

2005 they started asking George R.R. Martin for rights.
2007 HBO gets an option to do the series.
2010 filming begins.
17 April 2011 first episode airs.

As far as I can tell, we’re still in the 2007 stage of things.


Not that I’m holding my breath or anything, but a TSW production shouldn’t be nearly as huge as GoT, I reckon. Maybe that’ll shorten the timeline some.

I wonder if they’ll try a transmedia thing like SyFy and Trion did with Defiance, though. The potential is there.

Personally, I’m hoping for a Netflix (hello Stranger Things/League Of Monster Hunters crossover episode!) or Amazon deal. Something nice and Bingeable.


The most recent information that I was able to find was that it was in script development mode in late august, one of the script writers worked on Contact and Hook (James V Hart), and one of the producers worked on CSI:NY (Pam Veasey)

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Oh gawd PLEASE don’t let Syfy get their hands on it! They started out with quality content then cancelled them started running nothing but B movies. Only recently have they started putting out good stuff like Killjoys, Superstition, and the recently cancelled (and prime example of them cancelling good shows), Dark Matter.


Nobody said SyFy was going to take it or be involved in any way?

I didn’t care much for Dark Matter. Ended up quitting part way through Season 2.

I imagine we won’t hear anything concrete for a few years yet at best.

Dark Matter was great. Season 3 really picked things up. Too bad. But it was canceled because it was struggling to reach even 1 million viewers. That’s well below the line most shows will get the ax.

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These things are so fluid it’s not even really worth thinking about it until you see the commercials. Anyone remember the Deadlands series that was supposed to premiere on the X-Box streaming service?

I was really excited when i heard about this, but i can’t help but feel it’s gonna be disappointing like every other game to movie/series.

Heres hoping they’ll do a good job on it :slight_smile:

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It’s on hold for a bit, the original plot focused on the adventures of an Orochi Emergency Response Team, similar to something like CSI but with monsters instead of murders.

Unfortunately due to an unanticipated series of events, none of the O.E.R.T. survived the first episode rehearsal.


Nice joke. …That was a joke, right?

Of course it was a joke!
The series was never canceled and is in fact still going strong:


and Magicians as well.

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