Monster Collectives of the Secret World


Here follows the collective nouns for some of the entities of the Secret World, by zone order

  • A vexation of zombies.

  • A depravity of revenants.

  • An unkindness of ravens.

  • An exigency of wendigoes.

  • A craving of golems.

  • A yearning of sasquatches.

  • A penumbra of spirits.

  • A degradation of wraiths.

  • A liberty of mummies.

  • A bed of scorpions.

  • A plague of locusts.

  • A shroud of ghouls.

  • A chimney of djinns.

  • A basement of vampires.

  • A lodge of fauns.

  • A route of wolves.

  • A lunacy of werewolves.

  • A colony of fungus.

  • A malevolence of trolls.

  • A squadron of drones.


A surprise of ak’ab.


A murder of scarecrows.


No wonder they say us djinns blow our smokestacks.
I mean we can be hotheaded. :smirk:
/so attacked/


An annoyance of Templar :3


An graveyard of Smurfs



Guess that’s a good one for the draug :3


A Dante’s Taco of Orochi…


An explosion of Filth

(eg. Filthy humans, Filth evolved etc)


a circle of hellspawn


No, it should be An Incompetence of Orochi


Shouldn’t that be a nest of vampires, a hoard of zombies, and a pack of wolves?
Also a swarm of Bees, a dance of Dragon, and a boatload of Phoenicians.




Too soon?


A graveyard of orochi?


That’s taken!

xoxo Smurfstomper


Stealing all the good words…hmm…I think of something good. Kep stomping smurfs :rofl:


A unfortunate workplace accident of Orochi


A… swarm of bees?



Right now I’d say “A forum of bees” :smiley: