Black Feather Helm

Why bother wearing it? It seems to have no advantage when wearing it.

Am I missing something or is this another dumb loot implementation that really is a slot filler and of no use.

it will be usefull when magic will be implemented. till then no good to use it.

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Far as I know magic is not being implemented. You must have missed the rage on these boards when that was announced.

Well i k about magic… But the items giving corruption to player were designed for mage builds (as magic was supposed to work via corruption instead of mana). What they need to do is just rework those weapons…

Game has been out like 3 years now and we knew coming out of beta that their would be no magic.
Yet they give us useless corrupted weapons in the war maker dungeon that came out quite a while after beta.

Was there a breakdown in development when these weapons were designed and no one communicated that magic was dead?

Was this a whoops moment for whoever came up with the stats on these weapons and armor?

We can only speculate. My speculation is that there were several moments when someone in the team went “wouldn’t it be funny if we added X for shits and giggles” and enough people agreed. :man_shrugging:

The Sword of Crom is my go-to example for this theory: I firmly believe it was added as a “wouldn’t it be funny” joke item, which then backfired and became the must-have thrall melee weapon. The alternative is that someone deliberately designed a severely unbalanced weapon to be used only by thralls, and that’s just bad game design and I don’t want to believe that.

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