Black keep blocked by clan on ps4

I went to the black keep to get the silent legion recipe and upon loading into the keep, I realized it was completely walled off by a clan. Theres a thrall that 1 shots you and you can’t break down the walls. Is this allowed by funcom?

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Building in the Black Keep is already disabled again in the actual TestLive patch.
I don´t know if existing buildings will be removed, though.


I would be interested in hearing from funcom. I messaged the moderators with details and a video.

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Funcom promotes lawless behavior by providing no admin support or intervention. Griefer’s paradise. You can totally ruin another player’s experience, and Funcom will just sit back and allow it to happen. I still have a hard time believing Funcom is selling new copies of a game they are aware is broken. If the players themselves created a go fund me for Funcom, would they be willing to fix this game with those funds raised? If so, lets get the ball rolling…

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I sent the mods a video and server information. Haven’t gotten a reply yet.

It may take a day/weekend for the reply.

Está deshabilitada dentro de la mazmorra pero aún se pueden poner cimientos en la entrada para cerrarla

The main entrance at least is no-build area from the inside now in TestLive. I have tried in the actual version before the second actualization. Did you get different results?

Se pueden construir cimientos justo en la misma puerta de entrada y bloquearla desde el exterior en testlive

OK, thank you! I looks like funcom is aware of this:

Yea they fixed it :slight_smile:

Are the player built structures inside gone?

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