Frustrated with not fixing the black keep

I can’t believe that people are able to build inside the black keep. Even tried raiding it today to a tribe that thinks themselves gods because they hide in a spawn in box. :rage: Great way to ruin a game for everyone.

Theres a few threads on this, I’m sure the staff knows. And will likely find a way to fix this.

Once someone figured out how to do it, only matter of time before info spread. =/

It’s just Annoying hope the speed up on the fix.

You couldn’t build there last month, the devs added it recently. Now you can build in the dungeon, through the black keep mesh, and outside the green wall in the Black keep mesh at A17ish. Not sure why they added this “feature”. Guess they’re running out of places to hide lmao.

Same with my server mods let’s go ban these guys or fix this now this is insane they are untouchable in my server over at 3877

Building in the Black Keep is already disabled again in the actual TestLive patch.


Is that going to remove player owner structures that are already there?

I hope so, but I don´t know.

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