Buildable Area at Black Keep

You are still able to block off the entrance (port stone). foundations work, jars not.
Inside seems all non build area, also several meshing spots are now inside collision. very nice. can still glitch inside though. maybe add a larger hit box to chairs for placing them.


Hi @Provokatze23, we’re aware it’s still possible to build within the entrance of this area, this should be addressed in an upcoming patch, thank you for bringing it up in any case!


Well thank you funcom for warning me so I can evacuate the Black Keep in time for the patch.

also you can build all the way in including the boss room where if you build upstairs nobody can climb up and you literally have an unraidable base.

At least in the official vanilla game right now. Haven’t checked testlive for a few days now.

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By building there, you take the chance from people to complete the game… So this action was bannable even with the old ruleset.

And with the new ones, you should be fast removing your base there…

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