Black Lotus (E)RP server + Kits + Advanced harvesting

The Black Lotus. (E)RP PVP

Welcome to a world where your imagination is your limitation. A land where the strong and the truly clever rule, and the weak either perish or find themselves in the chains of those who rule. Every decision you make dictates where your story will lead you. Will you rise to the top? Conquer and rule others? Will you strike out on your own and let your wits and will keep you free and alive? Join us and let your stories and antics entertain as we find an escape in these exiled lands.

We are a small but growing community of RP'ers. Where the world is not about the grind, as exp and harvest rates are turned up to allow for a quick rise to the top, yet leaves just enough challenge there for those who like to progress. We have a starter kit, a builder's kit to get you started and an optional free boost to level 60. We cap at 300, so the opportunities to play whatever you want are endless.

Our mods are chosen for RP, for character spice, and decorations for your builds.

We have a PVP and boss arena, an RP hub with a generous number of portals making most areas of the map accesible. We have staff that is very knowledgable with pippi and the mushi system and you can look forward to unique quests, and many items for sale within the hub. As well as a way to sell resources to the vendors to build up your wealth.

Come join us, grow with us, and enjoy this haven intended to allow people to RP out their richest, and potentially naughtiest dreams. Players must be 18+. Be able to read and write in English, and fill out a consent sheet on the discord server as well as read the server rules. Look forward to sharing our stories with you.

Server IP:

Features of the server:

  • Dedicated admin.
  • Monthly and weekly events are planned and encouraged.
  • Slavery is encouraged.
  • New quests being created regularly.
  • New NPCs being created regularly.
  • Staff is responsive to suggestions.
  • Roleplay is the primary goal of the server.
  • ERP not required but permitted.
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