Black screen on start up

Game mode: All
Type of issue: Performance

I tried to load mods once, but after restarting the game it sat at the black screen after the videos for over an hour. Now, as soon as I start the game it goes through the opening videos, then it sits at a black screen with the bubbles going for hours. Nothing happens after this. I have uninstalled and re-installed the game twice and it still does the same things.

I have changed the drives the game was installed on, I have all my drivers updated but it does nothing. I have spent the last three days googling information on this but nothing helps. I have no mods subscribed that could be causing this issue to persist. Any help is greatly appreciated.

My set up is
Nvidia GTX 1080
32GB Ram
Dual monitor(though I have switched to single monitor for troubleshooting)

Did it work before?

Only once, and then only for the duration of play. As soon as I exited and tried to go back in (a day or so later) it stopped

I don’t remember location but delete all workshop folder in steam where the game modes are saved, just game mechanism is idiotical - if u used any mods once, game will load almost all video + 5 min in black screen because game search for MOD folder who is like in another folder far away from EXE file… for me atleast it worked…

Also i heard out depends of HDD or SSD…

but this problem are caused by mods who is too far away from gam folder itself, again , atleast for me … but u can try out maybe it helps…

Did you unsubscribe from the mods? If not it will just keep redowloading them

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