Black Yeti Protector

Hey Guys, Just came back after a while to play conan exiles again and i spent nearly a half day on farming out the Black Yeti. So my question would is it just for me that he doesnt do any kind of dmg and attack animation and only following and looking on the enemy bots or just me ?

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Curious myself.

Under the AI AND NPC FIXES section: Yetis are now able to fight again.

I don’t know that Patch is from last year and my problem is recent, even now yeti does nothing. I bet i wont be the only one to find this kind of a problem.

Its a typo… the build is on public beta right now. Iggy mustve needed more coffee.


As @darthphysicist says, it is just a typo.
By the way if you did not say this is from last year, I wouldn’t even notice the typo. :laughing:

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Still i would not waste my time on sth i know for sure is not working, kinda trying to high end but it is worthless just like the sword of Crom. You can call it typo or whatever you like but still purges are under texture and so on … Anyway i was just curious about the yeti ^^

What the hell? No one gives a f… about purges, this conversation is about black yetis. I call it a typo, because IT IS A TYPO, I am not defending anything.
The game has a s…tload of problems, everyone knows that, you asked “yetis can fight?” I answered “yes, the changelog says, they will be able to”.

Anyway not worth the hassle to have a yeti. They are terrible anyway.
Even if you have them at god-tier perks and have full authority with well-trained, they still underperform despite being an “elite”.
They can not even defend a base against low level purges, because if they don’t follow you, they have way less power. Hang 'em on a tree! :laughing:

To be honest yes most of the people i know gives as u get the best thralls from purges and some people do not play with the game due to the fact that the highest danger should be coming from purges but back to the subject following my question is a yes or no, not for the future but right now and stop hyping your ego no one asked you to over flame it. if you dont like it ignore it argue with your boyfriend if you got one :"

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Then just play the game and you will know. It’s that easy, don’t have to be lazy.
You asked, we answered, you started to be a dick, that’s it.

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