Developer Livestream- Share your Thoughts

I just watched the Developer Livestream.

The new Stygia style Purge mechanics seem interesting.
They are definitely more casual player friendly.

Isle of Siptah issues were mentioned as being addresed in the upcoming patch, so that is good for Siptah folks.
Apparently, the Invisible animals problem is due to an issue with Texture streaming.
From what Andy said, the company responsible for the Middleware product that is used for Texture streaming was bought out by a Company that works with a different product, so there are issues to be worked out.

I was disappointed that I did not hear anything about the Pet/Follower balancing.

New Snake pet seems interesting, apparently eggs can be found for this pet.

They mentioned an Elephant Mount that did not make it into this update but should appear in the future.

They mentioned God Bubbles had been removed, but I do not remember if they provided a reason for why that was done.

Library of Esoteric no longer being subject to RNG seems like a nice change.

Dennis also mentioned random loot being more valuable , “no more stacks of fiber in chests.”

Dungeons have also been reworked a bit, Dennis said this was intended to make them more replayable.


Did he say the avatars are gonna last 10x longer?


from patch notes:

That’s 10 minutes

I guess godding after raid hours is gonna be a thing now. Especially if I can just keep putting my foot through their beds for 10 minutes. It may not do base damage but it still does player damage. Let’s go boys, time to get super toxic.


Watched the stream and new purge mechanics seems interesting, but personally very concerned about how it will play out on official servers, fearing they will choke when a lot of players make purge on the same time. But that remains to be seen when this goes live.

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I share with this concern.

Official Server Performance is not the best currently.

If multiple people call up the Purge, and call Avatars, I worry how the Servers will handle these types of calls that wont result in complete freeze up, or crash.

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They won’t. :man_shrugging:

Do we know if there can be more than one purge happening simultaneously?

I believe that Dennis said that was a possibility, yes.

Yes, he said specifically multiple purges on the same server at the same time

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Well that’s gonna suck, big time.


I’m more concerned about “no more god bubbles” :face_with_raised_eyebrow:base defense is already hard enough for solos and small teams, now it’s going to be downright impossible.

But am I correct to assume then that purges no longer happen at all unless you opt to initiate a purge?

from patch notes:

That’s what the patch notes say. I haven’t had the chance to go into TestLive to play, so I haven’t tested it.

And that Stygian FOB, tbh it didn’t seem like that base would fit anywhere in Xel’ha

Or the volcano


There was mention that some bases might not be eligible for a Purge based on how, or where they are built. if this is the case you will be notified with an on-screen prompt explaining what the issue is preventing the Purge.

If you’re building in an area that can’t be FOB’d, then you can simply build a base for purges itself where it can be. At least on PVE, and DBD on PVP.

On PVP with DBD off. Well you’re getting purged daily already no matter where you are, so this mechanic isn’t really needed for you guys anyway. Just wake up in the desert and grind for a base to wake up in the desert again like you do anyway. That’s the intended gameplay loop for those servers.

With how finicky the purge system has always been, I’m concerned about a LOT of areas that will suffer from not being reachable. It’s not really a coincidence that the stream build was built where it was.

  • Jungle: lots of passes and narrow spaces, not a lot of flat area for a FOB
  • Tundra: rolling hills everywhere, few flat spaces
  • Highlands: seems okay but having had my base there, I have doubts
  • Volcano: not a chance
  • Noob River: maybe

Basically, build desert base or build fake desert purge trap. But maybe I’ll be pleasantly surprised.

I’m concerned about the ability to shift attacks once started. Not for the player, but in regards to NPCs. They already don’t have attack commitment so mace wielders spin mid-attack if you dodge behind them as they swing. Dennis specifically said they’d be better able to target you now so, um, yeah. That’ll be interesting.

Also, this might be me but I’m a little disappointed in the way they chose to implement Esoteric Library changes. Not getting duplicates is great, but the predetermined order is disappointing. It means you get things when they decided so if tablet of power is seen as most desirable (or bindings of the dead or what have you) you get it last, regardless. Everyone else on the server gets it in the same order too so you can’t even trade for the page or finished product unless someone else has already made it through the whole list. I’d prefer it to be somewhat random, just taking into account what you already know to remove duplicates and still have some variety in the order.

The purge is going to be really hard to activate on Xbox PVE official servers. Most exile land servers are very crowded. Not active though, there’s a lot of rampant land claim and “fake town” huge bases with players only logging in to refresh. That combined with areas that can’t spawn FOBs.

Don’t think anything will be done about it though, this works as another incentive to rent servers.

I was expecting for the purge to use trebuchets, but that doesn’t seem to be implemented yet. Hopefully it wont happen, specially with the god bubbles gone. Who knows if the game can even handle npc doing more difficult range attacks.

-Unrelated, but can a Twitch channel owner turn off ads on their stream/vods? There’s constant ads on the stream archive. Are they really that hard up for money?

Except for officials, you know ToS overbuilding reports.

Dude, I’ve spent hundreds of fragments and gotten more duplicates than originals That one of the few things that I honestly thought “finally!”