New Information about Chapter 2 released

Just in case any members had yet to see this, new information about the Age of War: Chapter 2, especially the Purge system has been released on the Conan Exiles blog site.

It is looking like a hell of a lot of fun!


I’m looking forward to this update. I’ve been away from the game due to the amount of bugs and away from the forum due to the amount of negativity. Hopefully that all changes :crossed_fingers:t2:


I’m sure they are actively work on it, but there’s a few issues with what they say they are releasing in 9 days versus what’s on the public beta. If the public beta build was more stable I wouldn’t mind trusting the team to fix everything and go straight to release, but I don’t understand why they would prefer to not have their systems stable on the public beta before pushing to release.

“use the new burning siege cauldrons” - Doesn’t do any damage

“We’ve also added a new type of thrall placement, making them guard a gate or door. The benefit of this is that they will no longer run off and leave the area unprotected” - You have to set their chase distance low manually or they will run off and leave the door unprotected. (so advantage to setting them by the door or just placing them like normal)

“Looting comes only with victory.” - Or dismantling your coffer then they will give up and the chest will unlock

“unlock the chests” - Only one chest is lootable so far

“Keep a lookout for Stygian prisoners, those who refused to fight for the empire” - All you can do is unlock their cage and look at them. They are not thrallable.

"Most notable is the new mercenary banner, a consumable item which lets you summon various mercenaries to temporarily fight for you wherever you place it. " - Mercenaries do not attack anything and are viewed as hostile by the players thralls. Mercenary banners can also be picked up without despawning mercenaries and spammed infinitely and mercenaries are thrallable (which doesn’t seem intended)

"Overall, they are now an entire reward loop, a source of valuable loot and thralls that you can repeat whenever you like. " - released prisoners are not Thrallable and seem to pull from the isle of siptah cage pool (how you like those tier 1 fighters?)

Not trying to bring the hype down, I just really want all this to work like they said it would.


Yikes. None of that soubds good at all. I have my doubts about this being ready by the 21st.


If it’s not I have no problem with waiting. I honestly feel bad for the devs. Three months is a fly by the seat of your pants timetable.

There’s also the issue of getting the purge to actually start. Currently they need a clear unobstructed path straight to your coffer or they won’t spawn. No gates, no doors, no ledges, nothing that will physically block them from just running in and grabbing your loot.

Mechanically speaking, it works fine. You can plop your coffer down all alone in the middle of nowhere, fill it with gold and start a purge. But in terms of immersion and gameplay, that’s not particularly appealing.


The biggest issue is going to be communicating better to the player why it can’t be pathed beyond just saying “the enemy could not find a clear path to your coffer”. I personally can get the purge to spawn through multiple doors, gates and stairs, but there are a hundred reasons that I see why it won’t path. Most of my test builds did not have decorations along the way or wall torches, I kept my thralls out of the middle of doorways and a few feet from gates, or I made sure I had very wide stairways that reached deep into the ground for example, no idea which ones helped or didn’t.
We don’t have any of the specifics of what defines a path or how much clearance a coffer needs around it or not, in my testing it has been so inconsistent or else I would have submitted a report for it.


And did you actually have doors in those doorways?

Because I did and it wouldn’t spawn after half a dozen attempts. I removed the doors and it worked repeatedly. I put the door back in and it stopped working again. Pretty conclusive evidence I’d say.

This wasn’t any sort of complicated base either. Coffer in the middle, a square wall around it with no ceiling, and a gate on one side with stairs across going into the ground. No thralls or pets. No decorations. No traps. Nothing but the coffer, some foundation blocks, the wall, gate and stairs.

Most important information from the blog post!



Then you should stay away to avoid getting disappointed.

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I did have doors, now I am very partial to the T3 reinforced grate looking door and I don’t have too many DLCs so now you got me thinking I need to try all the door / frame combos I can and see what’s what. Already tested all the gates I own and already found that enemies can glitch through all the base game ones so who knows what I might find.

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@forkyeah @Glurin

Have either of you tested building against the green wall to force the purge to spawn in a certain direction? Am a console scrub and cannot Beta.

Have you tested stormglass gates? There is a topic here with a video in which attackers cannot penetrate through the stormglass gate.

I thought I saw a video of the new purge battering down a door to get to the coffers?

Yes my bug report showed that stormglass gatedoir with stormglass gatehouse works as intended. Though technically not a base game building set.

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I apologize for the stupid question above, I missed the fact that that topic was opened by you :worried:

Built a little shack by the ghost wall and could not get any purges to spawn outside of it, so then yes they will come from a certain direction. It is kind of irrelevant since you decide which direction they will attack, if you have a gate on the north side and the FOB spawns on the south side they will run along your walls until they get to the gate because that is their job. Only on rare occasions (when I had 5 purges going from inside 1 40x40 castle) did I have a demolisher target my wall first to create a path inside the backside of my base.

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It’s not disappointment. It’s more of a surprise if they’re gone. My biggest peeve is the invisible enemies / pets.

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Judging from their track record, it definitely won’t be ready, but it will be released anyway. Once something is announced, it gets released, regardless of whether the bugs caught during TestLive are solved. The severity of those bugs doesn’t seem to matter, either. It could be game-breaking, but screw it, it was announced, so it gets released.

Welcome to the ages and chapters, I guess.


Thank you. My base is shoved against the wall, I was not aware of the directional setting.