Nary a yeti in yeti purge

I just had a purge that was supposed to be yetis but not a single yeti ever appeared. The purge started, I heard the sounds associated with it’s start including the midpoint sounds and the end of purge sound but nary a yeti ever appeared. Oh, this was single player. I always forget to mention that.

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Thank you for your report. Could you share with us some screenshots of the event log by the time of the purge?

Also, if possible, can you also share your logs from the same day? You can find them by following:

\Steam\steamapps\common\Conan Exiles\ConanSandbox\Saved\Logs

Thank you in advance.

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I played today and the logs all seem to be for today. Are the logs purged and restarted each time you play? I do have event logs for the day but it’s all just server starts/stops.


Any other attackers?
And where did you get purrged?

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Thank you for checking. Could you poke us once more if this happens again and you manage to save the logs?

We appreciate your assistance in this matter.

No other attackers and at a new base just south of the lake where the great dam is at that butte that kind of sticks out from the ring of hills surrounding New Asgarth. The one with just one rock span to get to it on foot.

Yeah, I can do that. I’ve had one other purge in the same location since AoS was released on testlive. That one was humans but I can’t recall which kind. I think it might have been the black hand. I had no problems with that purge.

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