Blitzkrieg Barbarians 5x PVP Testlive high performance server wiped 3/10 US


Hello fellow exiles! We have opened up our recently wiped private server on 3/10. We have upgraded the server for maximum performance (2 cpu and 2 ssd) and have set the cap at 30 people (I can up this depending on need). We are looking to create a fun pvp environment for those who want to escape the hackers on official servers or the cheating admins on private servers. All harvesting/xp/crafting will be 5x. Clan size is currently set to 6 (my clan has 4 active members) to keep “alpha clans” from occuring. There will be no gods/avatars. Nights are short and friendly fire is scaled back until they fix the “soft auto aim” on clanmates. Anyone caught cheating or exploiting will be banned and reported immediately. We are running the new combat system with no mods. The server is backed up everyday and updated when updates are available. RP is more than welcome, but remember, it’s still a pvp server. :slight_smile: There will be events with awards and a coliseum for some extra pvp fun. Building damage pvp will be restricted to weeknights and weekend nights. We’re thinking 6:00pm EST to 11:00pm EST, but it’s open to suggestions. We do not plan on wiping this server unless we are forced to do so at launch. We are hoping this server will get a reputation for not having to worry about hackers/cheating. Just some old fashioned pvp fun with some new friends! Direct Connect


There is also cake.



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