Block key is unresponsive at random

This problem occurs in single player and all online modes.
It happens with the unmodded vanilla version of the game.
The problem happens regardless of the framerate.
The block key input is bound to -left shift.-

The game seems to struggle with recognizing the keyboard input if it happens at a certain speed.
Sometimes the command seems like it gets stuck despite the player letting go of the key.

This problem can be reproduced if you rapidly tap the block key while wielding any shield.
Sometimes the character won’t raise the shield.
Sometimes the character will keep the shield raised.

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Having the same problem…2 handed weapons just got a whole lot more attractive:P

Hey @Labovashaae

Thanks for the observation. Our team has been informed about this.

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I have this too, tho i thought it was on my end. When you block a frost giant your thrall falls over by it, that shouldnt happen either.

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