Block limit behind barrier

I would love to know if there is any way to remove the block limit I can build behind the green barrier I want to build things there but there is a block limit preventing me

Are you talking about the ghost wall? The border of the map? The lore reason why you’re there and unable to leave? The entire quest-line for getting rid of the bracelet so you can leave and resume your life before the exiled lands?

Hmm, no, I don’t think there’s a way to build beyond this barrier without mods.

You can only build behind the green wall as Admin so therefore a private server or solo.

If you do build there as an Admin, just bear in mind that Funcom does occasionally place dungeons, etc there and this may result in stuff you create there being affected during Updates.

In the Isle of Siptah (DLC), there is also a no-build zone, but it’s in the sea so not applicable.


I’m server admin and I wanted to create a store behind the edge but I saw that there is a limit for that, isn’t there any command that removes this limit?

There’s no way to remove the wristband barrier. But, Admins can teleport beyond that barrier and build or create stuff to 'port players to. Just teleport some distance beyond that barrier as there’s a ‘buffer of death’ a small way beyond that.
Just bear in mind that Updates have a chance (possibly small) of over-writing it.
Lots of mods you can find that will allow for some amazingly creative building.

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Just get rid of vanilla map and use Savage Wilds :wink: They have great gorgeous map with several Admin-only-reacheable building sites outside it and their own mechanics to set teleports for players. Mod authors said they will never overwrite those special sites with anything.

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100% agreement. And Savage Wilds has a ton of challenges, traders, adventures - and will test your adventuring skills through to highest levels. Not for the first time players, that’s for sure! :smiley:

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