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I think it was Friday I tried to report a login issue. The client had been working fine, then the next morning client would not accept my password. I hit account and changed my password on the website expecting that to change the client password also, but I still cannot login. I have changed the password at least three or four times by now with no access allowed.
Is there another method to change client password or have I been locked out for some other reason?
In theory this is fast to fix but it will need a little intervention.

Make sure you’re changing the right password. Your forum login and your game login are different. Also, delete your username and retype it along with the password next time.

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Where do I change the client password, I have been unable to locate it!
the only passsword change I have found is

I have used this to change the password for the website/forum, but it did
not change the password for the client

That’s the right place. Are you sure you didn’t unintentionally merge your account with Steam? If so, you can no longer log in with a name and password and must launch the game from Steam.

Did you try erasing your username from the login screen and retyping it? This problem could be caused by a rogue space.

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I will never merge my account with steam, as I said the client was working fine until I tried to login Friday, then no password would work. I did retype the account name just to be sure. My current working assumption is that my login was hacked and the password changed so I don’t know it, but I asked the system for a new password and while it worked for the forum it didn’t work for the client This is what made me sure the password change screen didn’t apply to the client. If there is a long delay for a new password to migrate to the game server it may explain my failure at that point.

I just found the issue, take more time and it changed the password eventually.


That’s for the best. Nobody ever should.

Glad you figured it out. Good to know it takes time for the game login to update.

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