Blocking NPC ZATH Religion Trainer to respawn PvE Conflict Official Server #1040

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Good day, there is a problem with ZATH Religion Trainer on the Official Server PvE Conflict #1040. The location i5. It’s not possible to learn because a somebody has builded a castle’s gate too much close. This is why the trainer cannot spawn. Please solve an issue regarding the ZATH trainer.

Zath trainer is currently bugged and does not spawn at all, regardless where people put their gates.

However, if he was not bugged, I5 is not where he is supposed to spawn. I5 was his original location when Zath was first added, but he was later moved because that location was a buildable area - and you can see why that might be a problem.

His correct spawn (if he wasn’t bugged) is inside Weaver’s Hollow.


Ok. I will check.


Yeah, there is a general issue with the trainer and it’s not just happening on a single server. The issue is fixed internally and will be pushed in a future update - stay tuned.


I guess you’re talking about this topic? Exiled Lands: Purge Dagon Surge/Purge Thralls/mobs in A Legion of Demons Purge

Off the cuff I’m not certain of the status of that report but I’ll take a look around. This is off-topic for this thread though. Any additional followups needed will go in your thread.


Hopefully, it will be fixed externally.

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