Blood Crystal locations on siptah?

Hello everyone :wave:

On which locations at siptah I can farm blood Crystals for the new stuff that been added at game ?

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I found 3 spots around the tower.

Which areas around the center tower ?

This one hasn’t found a reliable spot in specific, but taking laps around the tower in the areas where rocknoses spawn has usually netted one or two.

In the central black desert, near the rocky spires.

We rounded up all the Siptah locations we found in case it’s helpful:


Thanks, I have marked the easiest/fastest locations on my map.

Thank you for the help. :pray:

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Pixelcave best dude for such infos. ⟵⁠(⁠๑⁠¯⁠◡⁠¯⁠๑⁠)


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