Where do I find the blood crystals on Siptah

As per title, I havent been able to locate anything yet. Must be some prime locations. Any help appreciated

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Tower has 3 golems you can kill. I would take a staff and cast find resources and you’ll see the golems. Fractured citadel has one that I have found. Other than that I’m still searching. Hopefully this helps


Type this into youtube and you’ll get videos from Wak and Pixelcave showing you where.

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Try using the detect resources spell and just wandering around. You should see a red pillar underground where there is blood crystal. Walk there and the crystal-dropping NPC will spawn.

I found one spot using this method on exiled lands. Also it seems that the bloodcrystalnose spawn points are permanent (just like any thralls) so once you find one, you can farm it.

Main place to harvest blood crystals however is inside Kurak’s dungeon, from the golems you kill. You just need 30 crystals to open the portal.

ps. Also the internet says that main method currently would be to kill sorcerers and bosses until they drop enough golem parts to build and animate a golem, then you kill it and harvest it. I am not fond of this method but I suppose it is something if you are having difficulty otherwise.


I accidently found a spot right new my base on my way to farm eldarium scraps. Has popped up twice and got over 200 bc collected. I just need to get up and learn the golem crafting and then figure out how the heck to build a place for it…I’m back in the PVP for now so big bases are out on this server. I haven’t had significant amount of time with the new chapter to fully enjoy what it brings.

Ive found one south of the bat vault, and to all who are referring to Exiles this thread isn’t about Exiles its about Spitah

Ok South of the Bat vault and around the tower, yes on Siptah, thanks I will try those areas

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