BloodCrystal Harvest Question

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When harvesting bloodcrystal does CAREFUL harvest or EFFICIENT harvest rend more crystals? I’ve looked all over and tried myself and it’s still hard to tell the difference. Anyone know for sure?


I don’t think Careful Harvest does anything as they aren’t rare. However, you can also do both. Detect Resources is free to cast and has a secret side effect of straight up just giving you Careful Harvest while the spell is active.


I prefer Efficient Harvest for this task myself. Double resources on the final swing. And if you are using say Black Blood Tools, and in conjunction with say an oil of bounty or a fitting, that is a healthy extra amount gathered from each enemy you harvest. :wink:


I’ve been using efficient harvest with blackblood pick. Not positive but just pretty sure I’m getting more that way.

I’m nearly positive the merchants at mek kamoses will be removed in the next update so I suggest stockpiling tools and thralls. Can’t be sure about that though.


I did not know that. On exiled lands our only source of blood crystal is rocknoses. I wonder if I kill him and then detect resources if it will work that way.

There are 2 blood crystal rocknose, but there’s also the golem/elemental/humanoid thing. Not sure what it’s called. One by a red dragon hatchling, one near the Frost Temple. I’m sure there’s more, but can’t remember finding others.


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