Corrupted stone on Isle of Siptah

Simple question - where I can find it? I found few long time ago, but can’t recol where. Looked for it last two days in many places and found nothing. Anyone can help?

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Welcome to the forum! Go to the pirate camps of Sipho southwest. It spawns 5 flotsam boxes, farm them and you’ll gain a lot! These are the most farmed flotsam boxes from my side, for a time I was doing this run 2 or there times the day. I had corrupted stones but no use for them since I don’t easily fix thrones or statues requiring corrupted stones! Normally many flotsam boxes around the south place of the map have corrupted stones, but in these five I guarantee you that you will find, with a bit rng always, you have to stay there and farm some days. Good luck :+1:t6:.

Ps. If you play on PlayStation name your server and I’ll drop by to bring you some :wink:.

So I visit all the dark and dangerous places, vaults, pools of the grey ones, fractured citadel, ruins od Xchtli and Luxor, open every chest I can find, and you telling me that I need to look for FLOTSAM???

Thanks for answer, this will save me a lot of time ;). And no, I do not play or PS.


:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:. If you wish another “joke” , here you go! Name the most vicious camp that will grand you with rng ofcurce heart of the hero?
Prepare to pee your pants…
Arnos camp northwest! :rofl::rofl::rofl:.
I know some things sound silly to be there, but that’s Siptah :man_shrugging:


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A ■■■■■■ camp with exiles dressed with rags that is a total boon when starting!
Close by, one of the most beautiful sites on Siptah (Violet Isle) and the hardest vault in the game (Volary of Harpies). Contrasts.

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