Blood effects/ walking sounds

So I feel the blood effects in the game are a bit off. The way npcs explode into a mist of blood seems like a little much. The blood on a players skin shouldn’t just magically disappear as well. I think one should swim through a water source to get clean. As with the sounds I play as a savage type and when walking barefoot, it still sounds like boots are being worn. I know these are minor things but I hope one day they may be remedied.

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All feedback is good, if many talk abaout it it may go to Funcoms “to do list” :smiley:

It be nice to turn off exploding bodies…

Don’t care to much for blood effects, rather not have it like Bloodborne were your stuck with it till you get to lantern or swap gear. -_-.
rather have it wear off on its own. QoL ftw

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