Bloody Buzzards

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Is anyone else having issues with once you kill, with a bow, buzzard(s) and it drops off the cliff it just vanishes into the ground at the base of the cliff. If they stay on the their original cliff face no problems finding and harvesting them. Granted not a major issue there are plenty of nest feathers but don’t ya hate a clean kill steal.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.find Buzzard
2.shoot Buzzard fall
4.ground swallows birdie lol

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Yes same problem and aim sensitivity keeps resetting :astonished:

Hello @Alexormu, welcome to the community and thank you for the submission!

We’ve sent note to the developers in regards to this issue, we can’t have the terrain stealing your hard earned loot!

Thank you for the welcome and pass along. I can’t really say hard to earn one arrow . . . . hmm how about a birdie whistle you know blow it they fly in land with a like 2-3 second stun and then fly off again. They have to be in a given sight range and won’t work on the same spawns for like 15 mins. hay some times a fix and be quirky fun.

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