Blowback event spawn rate

Holy heck. I’ve played the new revision for around 4 hours now and have been in 5 blowback events between Sepermeru and Summoning place and all of them were Cimmerian. Those odds defy normal distribution. Hell it’s more regular to have the event than getting mugged by a JS hyena at night (10 nights and only three times attacked)

Are Stygian blowbacks still a thing?

All i can say is that somedays i get back to back events (both cimmerian and stygian) and then i dont see the events for a week or so

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Good riddance. They’re useless for farming thralls. I’ve never seen a T4 Stygian… only the Cimmerian one spawns T4s. Stygians are only good for the armor… if that’s what you’re looking for.

From my experience, they have never got this Siptah event system tuned right. Sometimes there are back to back to back events in the same location with ZERO breaks. And other times, you never see them because they are stuck in some part of the map that no one has ventured out to, and are stuck holding there.

I just use either to get access to Siptah boss loot if i’m truly honest. I collect lots of hide and deconstruct armor and weapons. I clear them to get access to the thralls of that spot. Until someone on the server deals with it, all crafting thralls in that area are suspended so I just roll up the sleeves and get 'er done

Are those storm thralls any good compared to beserkers? I would rather just get the guaranteed isolated spawn than deal with the risk of getting mobbed by a bunch of hardened steel/ starmetal damage for a thrall that looks identical to the zerkers.

Now if they had undead blowback with access to the older witchdoctor pets as rewards…then we are talking about great things that I would be jumping on in a heartbeat.

The Cimmerian Blowback event has T4 Stormsick Warriors, that are renamed Dalinsia The Accursed and Accursed Berserkers. Both are slightly stronger than their Exiled Land counterparts, on account of Siptah’s increased difficulty.

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The Blowback event on Siptah spawns around the clock at times. Yesterday I did it for about 2 hours nonstop. Could have continued, but I didn’t. Killed the blood moon twice and spider of leng twice. Good way to farm essences without going to the pools.

See I think blowback on Siptah should be Exiled dungeon bosses. Why would I want Siptah bosses that I can just summon at the pool?

I’ve never played on Siptah for any length of time to experience this event but that’s how I would have thought it’d work!

I have never thought about it like that. I like it for the loot and the Stormsick thralls aren’t that bad once converted.

But getting Thag weapons and weapon crafting (you can easily get the armor through delving) or the Warmarker scraps would be loot worth dealing with the event.

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