Inquiry - Grave Matter Event - Is That It?

I don’t think I get it. The Grave Matter event is just 4 explosive arrows and kill one dude? That’s an “event”? I mean I suppose you could take him as a thrall but… ummm. There’s not even any loot - just light Skelos Armor. What am I missing here?

From the events I have completed, none have been overly satisfactory in terms of rewards.

Blowback & Ritual Interrupted will cause one siptah boss to appear, but not even reward with a fragment of power despite the build-up to the fight

Portal to Yuggoth yields a handful of biles and schematics fragments, but the recipes from the schematics either are obtainable on exiled lands anyways, or are completely useless without access to eldarium.

They seem to be more of a distraction from what you were doing than a real event to go actively pursue. I can see people getting tired of them pretty quick, especially since Blowback commonly disables the spawn for the Witch Doctor thrall.

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I dunno what Blowback nor Ritual Interrupted mean yet. Can you explain? Those are names of other such events?

Blowback is the large reverse-surge event on Exiled Lands. Big blue tornado that’s visible from the other side of the map when active, you can’t miss it.

Ritual interrupted is exactly what it sounds like, a cult around a circle of power that you interrupt and defeat, with the end of it being a fight against demons and a siptah monster on either map.


I see. Thanks man!

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