Now THAT was Fun!

Just finished the “Blowback” event at The Summoning Place. I am really, really enjoying the new event system. More, more, more, more…


We also had the same event on my dedicated server. The event was overpowered for us as we started new with 3.0 but we went into god mode and had loads of fun with it. I’m hoping in the future events will fit the levels of the players on the server but it was nice to see them doing something like this. It does freak you a bit when you are in Florida and you see a blue hurricane crossing the map. Was a bit like Siptah.

Anyone found a Caravan yet? I noticed some Caravan mobs in the admin panel (with good stats) and a Caravan event boss. Am guessing a roaming group of thugs? They look like you can turn them into thralls as well.

Yeah, I just did it on single player. Was already in god mode because I was just messing around and trying things out so I was never in any danger, but I can already tell it’s likely could be tricky to complete playing normally on single player, especially at full corruption.

As far as I can tell, it’s just a survive oncoming waves until the demon is summoned from Siptah.

Not very fun for a lowbyish area and blocks the spawn of the priest of Yog there. 2 events in a row (this and Grave Matters) has pretty much turned me of of events for a little while. PITA.

Grave Matters actually isn’t too bad. It’s at the entrance, so it’s not really blocking any important spawns, and all you gotta do is destroy the stones, which can be done with a bow and arrow if you want to keep your distance. Then just kill the summoner who isn’t particularly challenging. Any leftover spawns will fall as soon as she does.

But I had Blowback trigger just after Grave Matters. So I had unending swarms of storm summoned and there’s no way to disrupt the Storm Summoner, so it’s just a matter of waiting until the demon is summoned. So it’s longer and out of your control and inside the Dafari camp itself.

It really kind of sucked after the first minute or two solo. And I didn’t have great gear by then, only having steal.

Valid point. If you’re playing single player or are a low level player then I can see how this event could be annoying. It needs a time limit, or if in single player a restart should reset the area or something. After doing the event once I wasn’t in a hurry to get to a second event. I enjoy the events but I had a lot of other things I wanted to do before tackling another event and it stayed there until I finally went and cleared it so I’m thinking some sort of time limit is necessary.

The spawn frequency is a bit high, at least in single player.

I hardly ever see the Summoning Place without any event going. Sepermeru is a battleground. The Mi Go practically have a permanent base in the Dogs of the Desert area.