BUG? : No Grave Matters event in Single player

Game mode: Single-player
Type of issue: Other
Server type: Single-player
Region: EU
Mods?: Yes
Edition: Steam

Bug Description:

The Grave Matters event is not happening. No map markers and no Sorcerers.

Installed Mods:

Lesser building restrictions (disabled though)
Fashionist 4.2.3

Steps to Reproduce:

  • Log into my single player character
  • Check map for event icons, see nothing
  • Admin teleport to the 3 different locations in Isle of Siptah, see nothing
  • Repeat first three steps several times.
  • Verify files
  • Repeat first three steps again
  • Ask around on Discord
  • Come and bother the Funcom peeps with a bug report…

Sorry guys, I just need to know is it me or what is going on? The event is so cool I just want to slaughter some cultist sorcerer miscreants and earn some sweet loot without cheating in Single player.

:metal: :smiling_imp:

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Hi @Necro

We are currently looking into some issues regarding the event.
You can read more here: Grave Matters Event - #56 by Dana

Thank you for your patience and understanding while we investigate.

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Thank you so much for the swift response Dana. I hope you guys figure it out with minimum effort. :black_heart:

:metal: :smiling_imp:


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