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Are the unique rewards of this limited-time (Grave Matters!) event similar to Twitch Drops? That is, will rewards be associated with the account, or only (one) character participating in the event?


Thanks for the continued updates Funcom.

Thanks, in advance, to the amazing modding community for any updates needed on that side.

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Yeah that’s exactly what I was wondering… as I’m playing on multiple servers at once both private and offi, character transfer is not an option for me to keep such rewards if they are tied to the char who obtained it :o

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Hey all,

The events system comes enabled by default even in dedicated servers, so you can enjoy Grave Matters in your server. HOWEVER, servers running modded maps wont be able to enjoy the event, as it is only spawning in Exiled Lands and Siptah.


There is no information that the limited-time even will repeat every year, so it is better to assume that it will not repeat. I’m just wondering whether to spend Christmas time with my family or with my thralls. :sweat_smile:

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Hey fito,

These are not account-level rewards, just normal item drops like anything you would normally encounter in the exiled lands.
We intend to keep them a part of the game, but once the event is gone you’ll have to get them a different way (not yet determined).

Hope this helps!


Thanks Dana for the answer !


My family thanks you for your quick response with family hugs!
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This means that I can participate in the event as one character. And help with baking (and eating) Christmas delicacies :yum:


Downloading now, thanks for the work you put into this FC.


Thank you, your answer cured my anxiety.


For all the stars :star: I would forget: This update even has its own short story :writing_hand:

You have to be extremely careful during construction work - safety is the most important thing!

Soon I will be able to check all the 2.7 improvements, thank you for this (update) gift. :gift:


Awesome, Thank you for this!
Do you know when the update will be available on the XBOX Game Pass for PC? thanks

The update is already available there.
If you are having trouble with the patch download, please try to reinstall the game and see if this pushes the update to you.


Thanks Dana. I don’t believe I have a way to apply/trigger the patch through the Game Pass for PC; so I’ll try to re-install the game then. Thank you!

I assume they will be spawn-able by admin? (As I haven’t read whether the events are on -all- servers or just official yet)

what about that event loot drop? - after event those recipes will stay on account like twitch drops . or what will be? because whats the point of hunt if u wont be able to make them later

I think the Flesh of Remembrance zeal reward was over-nerfed. There are two variants of this item (these items?):

Flesh of Remembrance 19500
Flesh of Remembrance 30049

19500 is acquired from the Midnight Grove in large numbers and should have been nerfed. This is fine.

However, 30049 is acquired from Jhebbal Sag priests, and is significantly more rare than 19500. This variant should not have been nerfed, as it is equivalent to the other religions’ trainer items.

To be clear, un-nefing 30029 isn’t a game-changer, it is only a matter of restoring proper balance between the gods.



I love having a dry house! Thanks a bunch.

Would it be possible to make our buildings have no wind too?



  • Addressed an issue where some saddles would show low-quality, grey textures.

Saddles are definitely not fixed. Below is the Khitai Scout Saddle