Altars giving 1 zeal for everything

hey guys, so i remeber before you could burn an offering and get 20 zeals, and craft certain stuff to get 5 zeals etc… but everything i do now just gives me one zeal, is this a bug? is it like this forever ? whats the deal. thanks !!!

Eye of set / skull of yog and derketo also has one(can’t remember name). There may be more but those give 20 zeal. They nerfed the jhebbal meat from 20 to 1 a while back

Yeah, every training artifact is worth 20 except Jhebbal Sag’s. Funcom nerfed Jhebbal Sag’s to 1 because you can collect a bunch of them from the Midnight Grove.

The problem is, the Flesh of Remembrance from the Midnight Grove is a different item to the Flesh of Remembrance acquired from named Jhebbal Sag priests, so there is no reason for them to have nerfed boths types. I mentioned this in the Update 2.7 Discussion Megathread, but Funcom didn’t acknowledge it, so I don’t know if they care.

thanks guys, to bad

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