Temples no longer give manifestations

crafting ritual knifes no longer gives coins, it wasn’t like this 2-3 days ago. Anyone else having the same issue?

This, as I understand, is now working as intended. Previous non-sacrifice crafting that used to generate zeals no longer does following the patch.

You must kill humans, and use the hallow weapon to take a sacrifice item from them (meat, soul, essence, ice shards, whatever), and use that to craft in your temple to get zeals.

Eisai plep gia auto

Oh man Ymir zeal is gonna be so hard

Pretty sure this was intent all along. This was the way to get zeal for much of EA. Also, the avatar shield is not supposed to be permanent. It was working that way at launch, then something broke it again. So yes, getting zeal to summon avatars and summon avatar shields is supposed to be a grind, and avatars are supposed to be really badass powerful… supposed to…

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I can understand the intent here, and agree with it. But, what’s the deal with the blessed hatchet, blessed ankh, etc? You’d figure a blessed hatchet would give more ice shards than the regular hatchet, but that’s not the case. Only 1 ice shard per kill. What’s the point of the blessed tools then?