Manifestation of Zeal


In the past I got 1 Manifestation of Zeal for 1 Mitraen Ankh but now I don’t get any manifestation of Zeal if I build a Mitraen Ankh.
Did they change it? I was inactive for some weeks.


They changed it. Crafting the religious tools no longer gives zeal for any of the altars. It was probably necessary. Why go and use the tools to garner favor with your god when you can just craft said tools over and over?

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Especially when many of the tool just required stone and branches.

Don’t keep blaming us PVP players. I like a lot of what you have to say but that is unnecessary. There are plenty of PVP players that are getting tired of all the nerfs requested by whiners.

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Wow, now I understand. It works only for Set altar. Now explain me this: to upgrade the altar of Ymir you need 100 + 200 ice shards, wich means killing 300 npcs alone. And to get manifestation of zeals now you need another big number of ice shard becouse every craftable needs them, so a t3 altar of ymir requires WAY more efforts to the other altars…

They could find another way to balance this: ask a different resource to upgrade altars and to summon avatars. This way it becomes a real pain.

Altar of Ymir… dang I just startetd trying to level it up, I was surprised to see it required Ice Shards + Manifestation of Zeals.

Why people complain so much. Avatars are totally useless and they nerf drop for manifestation of zeal

Because even if you don’t summon an avatar (which requires a t3 priest BTW), it’s always nice to have a top tier altar with a cool looking beam + the possibility to craft special items like good daggers,spears, and some decoration stuff as well.
In most situations i prefer fun and convenience over immersion but in that case come on guys stones/branches for specials gifts of the gods? this time i say thank you immersion.
The ymir t3 altar still needs to be balanced in comparison to the other ones because it has always been a bigger pain to upgrade.

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