On PS4, How many Ice Shards does it take to produce a single Manifestation?

Seriously, it doesn’t state how to make a Manifestation of Zeal to upgrade the Altar of Ymir. I been reading several different chats, but all give old answers on the PC version that are no longer viable. I have about 200 Ice Shards already, but nothing. I am aware Ymir is ridiculously hard to upgrade, and also have two other religions I found the trainers for and already upgraded Mitra, easy. My problem is trying to upgrade Ymir.


How are you trying to do Manifestation of Zeal ?

Manifestation of zeal are a product of what you craft on the altar, you’re speaking like you placed ice shards on the altar waiting something happens in an automatic way but it not works this way.

You have to craft something on the alter, ice for example (5 ice shards => 1 ice + 1 manifestation of zeal ) or Ice Shard Arrows ( 10 branches + 10 ice shards* + 2 feathers => 10 ice Shard arrows + 1 Manifestation of zeal)

(*now gamepedia says 1, one time it was 10, if so now it’s easy to upgrade)

You can check what produces Manifestation of Zeal here:


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I honestly didn’t know how to produce a Manifestation, I haven’t made ice, when I get it from mining Black Ice, and I already have ice in the Improved Preservation Boxes, and I didn’t produce arrows because I don’t use a bow. Well, thanks. I will hopefully figure this out now.

that’s the sad thing about altars: you have to craft sometimes useless things just to produce manifestation of zeal :wink:

I’m glad the problem was only this and you’re now able to upgrade your altar :slight_smile:

Yes now (since 1.39 or 1.40 i believe) it takes 1 ice shard to produce 10 arrows.
I uppraded one altar to tier 3 when it costed 10, that was a real pain in the… bottom to stay polite…
And even if you don’t use arrows (i use it), you can give it to archer thralls.

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