About religions, altars, and in particular Ymir

Found this pretty odd and a bit unfair.

Right now there are 5 religions. Three of them pretty same if we talk about updating altars, one of them too easy for update, and one of them too hard for update. All point is about how to make Manifestation of Zeal with particular religion.

Set - players don’t need to kill npc, all you need is iron and branches (simply craft Setite Ritual Knife) and go on update tier 2 altar.
Yog\Derketo\Mitra - 30 npc kills to update to tier 2 altar (seems legit)
And then there is Ymir - where player need to kill 150 npc for Manifestations and then 100 npc kills more for 100 extra shards only to update to tier 2 altar.

In other words:
Set - no kills at all, go on update tier 2 altar.
Yog\Derketo\Mitra - 30 npc kills for update to tier 2 altar.
Ymir - 250 npc kills for update to tier 2 altar.

Isn’t that a bit unfair?
-How about fix Set religion so it would requere npc kills as others religions?
-How about fix Ymir religion so it woulnd’t requere so many shards? It definitely shouldnt requere shards as craft material for update, only for Manifestations.

This is why I call Ymir the unfair god and funny if you use shard to craft one the the armor it grand like 10 or 20 zeals I think.

Set should require living sacrifice. For example thrall to kill in his name .

i thought this was fixed several patches ago…will check it next time i have the opportunity. But yeah this is not balanced and doesn’t make sense either imo.

Yeah ymir has always been unbalanced compared to the other altars in terms materials needed to upgrade it.
I assume the dev team knows about it by now, since it has been reported over and over by the community.
But as your are doing with this thread, i guess it cannot harm to report it again :wink:

Ok if Ymir supposed to be more hard religion than others I’m fine with that.
Five kills instead of one - for 1 Manifestations - fine.
But at least it shouldnt have shards in craft requirements for altar upgrade.
Or all other altars should require same materials for altar upgrade.
All I wish is equality in altars upgrade requirements.

i agree and i bet most of us agree on that as well.

I don’t think it is supposed to be harder to upgrade, or at least non intended by the devs this way, but i can always be wrong.

Originally you could get ice shards easily from trees instead of branches when using the religious tool back when the frozen north expansion came out when the game was in early access as well as zeal so that would explain the high costs for upgrading the altars.

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Those were the days Hrukk, those were the days…

Back when a black ice nodes where rare and people fought over them. Back when Yog was all mighty. Back when the Rat King Baldric was still alive…

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