This may be a bug, and if not then it needs changed

I will get killed by cheeser’s for this one, but with Set Snake figurine, it does not require any hearts to create a zeal. If this is intended, then i suggest a change and that to get any zeal at any time, one must use the religions sacrifice (heart, essence) for anything, or it defeats the purpose of harvesting zeal. Mitra has one as well (just not as cheesy). My biggest problem is this, coupled with the dismantle bench steel farming, makes 1 brimstone run on officials enough for 1000 zeal in @ 1 hour (plus getting 75% of the mats back when you destroy it). I know a lot of people can’t understand how someon can sit online and cheese the destruct to recraft cycle, but there are those out there. And this is not that hard to do.

If it wasn’t intended, then well, you have a bug and it needs to be fixed.

And since i am on zeal, i still feel that for bubbles , the level of priest you use should bring down the cost of a bubble (leave the true names tokens as is).
t1= 500 zeal for a bubble
t2= 400 zeal for a bubble
t3= 325 zeal for a bubble
named = 250 zeal for a bubble. But the priest should also be consumed when used for a bubble.

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