Changed to materials to craft items at Derketo shrine are WAY OVER THE TOP

Before yesterday’s patch it was 2 oil to make 1 blood. That was too easy, but to now be 25 oil & 1 silver is just RIDICULOUS. What made you think that was appropriate? You went from too easy to prohibitively difficult. That is stupid, like whoever decided on the new amount hadn’t ever even played the game and just arbitrarily picked an amount out of thin air. This needs to be looked at by someone who actually knows what they’re doing. Because as of now I have my entire base build around a shrine that is completely useless.

I’d switch to Set, but I tried again lasts night and the alter STILL moves forward a whole tile when you upgrade it, so it’s not an option until it’s fixed.

So you over fixed something that nobody complained about meanwhilensomething lime the Set alter is still unuseably broken. Nice work. So typical.


Why not just use fluid press and heads from various animals in the press to make blood?

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dude blood is one of the main ingredients of the jabal religion potion if I may say so they are not going to make it easy

I noticed this change too and agree its way too extreme.
But you can repeatedly buy the potion from the child of jhebbal sag for 5 feral flesh so its not really a problem for that purpose at least.


You beat me too it. No reason to craft the potion. There are sporpions right next to the child to kill for flesh to buy the potions.

It’s not about the blood. The blood is an example. It’s about generating zeal in the alter.

Haven’t there been complaints that the 36 hour shield you can get is too easy to spam and pretty much keep up permanently?

The only one that was easy was derketo, but this nerf makes it he worst farm now.

It’s really more about what it takes to change gods that makes these changes wrong as implemented.

With how difficult it is to replace an alter inside of an existing structure, these unannounced changes are a much bigger deal than people are making them out to be.

This needs a roll back before everyone’s bubbles expire.

As it stood a single player had no hope of maintaining a bubble and having time for anything else outside of zeal farming except for derketo. Now a single player can farm zeal with the entirety of their time, or switch gods to something only slightly less time consuming. It needed balancing but his just threw the whole scale out the window.

With oil being functionally free, I don’t see how this affects a thing at all.
Oil, Ichor and honey are the only things that passively generate. Put down some more fish traps and call it a day.

you mean about 25 times more fishtraps and fluid presses?

50 is way over the top, I could see 10 per zeal,but 50?! thats 25000 oil per bubble!

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It’s a storage thing too. The oil needs to stack higher or something. We’re talking entire vaults full of oil every 36 hours.

how many vaults full of oil do you have so far if I may ask?

Zero. I have about 4 chests full, so like 1 whole bubble. That same amount of oil would make 10 bubbles. And now it also takes the silver for EACH transmute. So 500 per bubble. 12,500 oil and 500 silver. This is absurd. I can spam the whole river with fish and piss everyone off, or switch to a more feasible god. Problem there is replacing alters in existing structures requires taking down walls and planning on them moving around when you upgrade them.

I could make that big feasting hall I wanted and finish up my blacksmith`s place with that much oil though I only keep a few fish traps and spread them out for immersion especially if I was to play multiplayer as to not piss people off with spam as well as I use Ymir as my main religion but I plan on getting the new religion as well since I think it would fit in my town that I am making as well though I am thinking they could lower it down to maybe something less expensive like maybe 5 or 10 per zeal to make people happy to not grind as much for Derketo.

Oh wow. so when i left today, I put 5k oil and all my silver in the alter. I just got home and apparently transmuting oil to blood doesn’t even give zeal tokens at all. All my oil and silver gone = ZERO ZEAL. This is out of control. You can’t just change random things and not tell people. So everything goes out the window entirely. Lets just change the whole thing. WHAT GIVES!?

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Thank Oscar now, or whatever his name is, lol, wellcome to funcom, the land of the ridiculous.

those are the numbers the other bubbles take. Balanced IMO

There were a lot of people complaining that making zeal from oil was too easy/OP. You all should know by now that the dev’s response to these types of complaints are to swing the situation so far in the other direction, that they never again hear someone complain it’s too easy/OP. As I’ve warned before: be careful what you wish for.

if you check the new religion shrine you can make a blood from demon blood 1 for 1 so stop complaining