Changed to materials to craft items at Derketo shrine are WAY OVER THE TOP

it is about the zeals for bubbles, not about the blood

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bugs and slivers seem easy

bugs are a pain, and you need all the esseces, other religions are easier now

I did some numbers and religious headpieces are the only way to go now. Derketo gives a 1:4 ratio while set gives a 1:6. I will still use derketo but only because I don’t want to rebuild my base to change alters.

Not looking forward to dropping 125 headpieces every othecday.

Screw god bubbles… I’ve littered the entire countryside around my base with tame rhinos. Farming Bark is much simpler than essences.

Rhinos will not stop a raid

Neither will a god bubble

If you defend your altar a bubble will prevent trebuchet and God attacks, forcing a conventional raid. What will Rhinos do? I would use a Rhino at a choke point to delay enemy entry, maybe using healing arrows to keep the Rhino alive, but 40 Rhinos wandering around outside a base is just stacks of roasted haunch in my inventory.

The best defense is the one that uses all the options.

Back on topic. I would like to see bug requirements cut in half, 10 bugs per potion is a bit grindy.

Obviously Walls + Archers + Fighers (here including pets) + God Bubble + Active Trebuchet is best.

Right now Gods are pretty nerfed and the treb requres an ability to defend the treb. It’s just that a well organized harvest of rhinos can get you 16 ish per hour (assuming perfect timing and sufficient pens). And unlike Hierophants and Snowhunters you don’t need to equip them at all. I consider them a consumable that is there to make the raid harder, just an easier farm than 500 manefestations… and if you don’ tfarm them… they are still there… and the ones you can’t place you can place as reserves in your preservation box, so they don’t decay.

You changed your tune rather quickly, glad I could be of assistance. :smiley:

Wanna see my current official PvP base? Been working on it for about a week.

Not so much change but rather clarify, re-empasize and appreciate my current rhino derangement synddrom (I have 40+ of them by now and “Bob the Rhino” and I went on an awesome adventure in the Midnight Grove)

As a solo player who found a spot where 40 Rhinos can remain hidden and consequently doesn’t want to put a pin on the may saying “base here” I’m operating under slightly different conditions than you are.

And yeah, I’d love to see your base, I’ll pm you my location if you want…

thanks for your research :slight_smile:

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