Add an offering to Derketo

Derketo is hard to build up zeal for, because all of her crafting takes up resources in addition to her religious ingredient. It would make her religion more doable if you could directly convert slivers to zeal, like you can with other religions.

Honestly Aaron Derketo is the altar where I have more manifestation of zeal.

If your problem is in farming insects use a sickle of plants after applied to it a kit to increase harvesting power instead of durability, I’m able to make 150-300 of them in just 5-10 mins with an high level sickle (acheronian), but even when I was low level it’s never been a real problem.

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Well, good for you but I don’t get that lucky with handfuls of bugs. I’m lucky to be able to make 10-20 after clearing out the local area with a steel sickle.

The point is you can directly convert religious resources in the Yog, Set, and Mitra religions. You need 5 shards for Ymir but no additional resources, ice arrows need easily hoarded resources like branches and feathers. The only other similar religion is Jhebbal Sag but you get more with that religion.

That sounds really strange.

The chance to get handful of bugs with the sickle on a bush of fiber it’s the same, for example, to obtain bark with a pick from a tree.

I used for a long time a steel sickle.

Derketo was the first temple I reached 500 MoZ, now it’s 1750, Ymir was painful for me, reaching 500 in the same time just because it’s 5 time slower.

In any case I was pointing on the fact it’s strange you’re not able to harvest a very common resource.

For the suggestion itself I think it will be good to add an offering like the one of Mitra to each religions. :wink:

The reason is: even when simple to reach MoZ on the altar, Why I have to waste 500 unused potions / etc just to reach the MoZ I need to summon an avatar ?

Let me craft potions / other things when I need it and let me show my zeal just by Killing people for my God/Goddess without pretending something (unused) in return :wink:

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That’s what I’m saying. I have stacks of elixers of freedom, Set Antidotes, Yog’s mystery meat, etc. I don’t use them because they weigh a lot and I don’t like to carry them around, I just crafted them for zeal.

I tend to have bad luck with bark on most trees too. On normal ones I get bark 1-2 times at most, but dry trees give it 3-4 times.

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