Derketo Shrine, please incorporate Sliver of the Unfulfilled into Transmutation costs

Seeing as the bait for the fish traps has been removed and the system will work as it has been.

I will be frank, remove the ability to turn oil into blood to get manifestations of zeals, this includes as well the other transmutations that do not require a Sliver of the Unfulfilled. Make them require a Silver of the Unfulfilled. At least one. It could be like the Mitra Shrine with making clothes, you get more zeal then the cost of recipe.

It’s either that or give all other shrines a way to make manifestation that do not require some kind of religion farming to make the zeals. So then hey, we can all have god shield no matter what whenever wherever then and not be chained to just be using Derketo Shrines cause I am a Ymir boy myself.


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