Balance for shrine coins

Ok, we all know how stupidly easy it is to get coins in a Derketo shrine and how incredibly painful it is to harvest for Ymir coins. The shrines need balance in regards to coin generation. I suggest that the tool you can create at each shrine generate one item when you kill an npc that gives one coin when you use it in the shrine. Additionally, if you want to have materials generate items, it cant be as Derketo is now, make it 100 oil per coin, and say 100 shaped wood per coin for Ymir. Set 100 iron bars, Yog 100 leather, and Mitra 100 brick.

Can we please have some balance to shrines?

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I have a feeling that a balance is coming soon. So I’m loading up all my Derketo shrines with 100k zeal each. Our bases will have god shields up for the next year!!!

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