Snake idol gives no more zeals, WHY FUNCOM WHYYY

Why did they change this so you can’t get any zeals from creating snake idols… and why do godbubbles cost the same as gods, game is broken.
And they made the cave at 8H down left corner smaller, so now half of my map and some stations are inside the wall…

Because it didn’t require the true sacrifice. Makes sense now. Before it was way to easy craft. I know, because some one reported it as a bug. Zeal should always require gathering hearts (or whatever the religion requires). It is the whole purpose of that mechanic, this seemed just “off”.
And as far as the bug report…


No zeal for you


You come back one year.

People can now, once the avatars are activated again easily wipe someones base because having a godbubble is just too much work.

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