Zeal Rewards Decreased in Temples after Patch

I just tried to craft some Sag hats for zeal and now you only get 5 zeal per hat. It looks like every item in all temples now only reward you a zeal for every special item used. So if you use 5 blood for a hat you only get 1 zeal per blood used. Can someone confirm this change?

This is going to make grinding zeal a giant PITA. I didn’t see anything in the patch notes about this change.

Just found in the patch notes that all armor in temples give 5 zeal. :roll_eyes:

The change was largely due to the disparity of Manifestations of Zeal (MoZ) given for crafting armour pieces for the different religions. For example:

While the Headress of JhebbelSag gave 10 Zeals, a Derketo Acolyte Headpiece would only provide 5 Zeals. But then at the other end of the spectrum, a Setite Mask would provide a whopping 30 Zeals! Considering that all three are just helmets, it was not fair that one can provide 25 more zeals than another.

I wish they made them all give 20. Not liking the prospect of killing 500 npc to put up a shield that only last a day or so.

@myriadcorp Im kind of hesitant to weigh in on what the magic number should be myself, as I have only ever been an offline singleplayer. Therefore, I am ill informed to speculate on matters of online balancing. However, that said, being an offline singleplayer (ie-a one man workforce), I wouldnt have minded at all if it was about 10 or higher. Acumulating 500 Manifestations of Zeal in my mode takes a VERY long time. Not to mention the building costs of a T4 shrine. As such, I have only ever managed to summon a God once for the sake of the Journey Step.

I am all for this change. It takes no time at all to make gods. Jhebbal Sag in particular. OP? Check. Easy to farm for? Check. Has 2 40% spawn rate archpriest spawns? Double Check. I think the use of avatars is great and all, but just a few weeks ago I was hit with 21 of them in 24 hours. It’s a bit ridiculous atm when all it takes is literally 2 people, one farming blood, feathers and hyena pelts, the other making the mats for the shrines, and lord knows you can fill a greater wheel EASY with jhebbal APs in no time at all.

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