Grave Matters Event

Hey all,

Does anyone know the locations of the Grave Matters Event on both Exiled Lands and Isle of Siptah?

I’m assuming the even on EL is near the mounts. I have no idea where it is on Siptah.

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Look on the map for a special icon for the current ritual location.


There’s nothing there. Can it just pop up anywhere?

Wait, I see an icon near New Luxur.

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Here’s what I have learned about the event.
Killing the summoned enemies doesn’t do anything, you have to destroy the totems.
When all of the totems are destroyed, the summoner’s shield shatters and they will become hostile.
The summoner cannot be thralled.
When they are killed, you can get some loot off them, but the main prize is a loot chest that spawns near where they were summoning.


Thanks a lot for that!

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Do we know what the limited time offer items are (just the armor?) and what we have to do to accomplish that feat?

So far, all I have gotten aside from normal loot is pieces of the Skelos Cultist Master armor and Potions of Lost Souls.

(three chests looted)

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Ah so seems we have to harvest the different pieces? When you find the pieces are you able to craft them or is it just something we have to store away forever and stare at fondly for fear of it breaking lol


Well the patch notes say

earn unique rewards, such as some brand new placeables or even the Skelos Cultist Master armor set of the sorcerers.

So I guess there must be placeables I haven’t gotten yet too, but it doesn’t say anything about feats.

Yeah it didn’t mention feats. But finding armor or whatever that can be busted, lost on death, or wiped if you play on a new server kind of sucks if thats the case. Especially since we only have until January 10th to find it presumably and then like the atlantean sword - poof (assuming of course the 3.0 update isn’t sorcery and that makes its way into a sorcerer feat list of crafting)

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I’m kind of hoping this event is actually a test for one of the features of 3.0 sorcery disguised an a temporary event.


Same. I am pretty excited to jump on my server tonight to start hunting for things :slight_smile:

And once again the Playstation is left behind… The event runs from today 12/8/2021 to 01/10/2022… the question is the following Funcom: will Playstation players have the event extended due to the delay?


It runs until January 10th, not December 10th.


adjusted! thank you :v:t2:

I would also like to know , if the armors pieces i collect will give me the manufacturing option? Collecting armor i cannot make afterwards does not seem worthwile? , Also i play on PC single player , i smashed the smoking totems at summoning place , but there was no wizard …

I have compiled everything I’ve gotten so far into a wiki article. If I learn anything new, I will update it accordingly.


Managed to knock out the Summoner and now its in my Wheel of Pain. Also another player did the same before me which is why I tried it. (Official Server - Isle of Siptah)


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Huh, if only some of them are thrallable, I wonder if that is an oversight.